Meeting date: 09/22/22  

Inspirational Quotation:
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

- Theodore Roosevelt

Kiwanis Education: First Club
The first Kiwanis club was organized in Detroit, Michigan in 1914. The club received a charter from the State of Michigan on January 21, 1915 - the day that is regarded as the birthdate of Kiwanis. In recognition of its heritage, the club''s name is Detroit Kiwanis Club No. 1. The club continuies to serve the children of Detroit.
Guest Introductions
Guest Introductions

Anna Callwood oversees Catholics Charities' AFCAAM (African Caribbean American) Center, which has the goals of educating the youth of the community by encouraging and inspiring them to be life-long learners, community builders, and people of service. These goals are accomplished through the Youth Mentoring Programs and After-School Reading Program at the AFCAAM Center. AFCAAM of Catholic Charities acts as a compass that directs children toward the core values of Leadership, Citizenship, Fellowship, and Stewardship.
Anna is a former Kiwanian having been a member of a club in her home state of Michigan as well as the original Fort Myers-Metro Club started by our own then-Lt Governor Harris. Anna is now planning on joining our club.

Agenda items:

President Harris reminded everyone that Membership Growth requires everyone to invite potential news members to meetings and service projects. We need more members because more members mean more service.

Our installation banquet scheduled for September 29th has been cancelled due to Hurricane Ian. Secretary Kathy suggested that we plan an evening event (maybe wine and cheese) at kiwanis Hall for after the holidays combining new member orientation and officers installation.

Projects of the Month:
Sept: World Atlases
Oct: Cleaning Supplies Distribution
Nov: Thnksgiving Food baskets
Dec: Christmas Food baskets
Jan: TBA
Feb: TBA
Mar: TBA
Apr: TBA
May: TBA
Jun. TBA
Jul: Back-To-School Homeless back Packs
Aug: TBA

The date of our next Reading Rocks at North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts will need to be re-scheduled.

Meals On Wheels route this week was covered by President Harris. New member Mary has volunteered to help with the route on the first Wednesday of each month.

President Harris will contact Waterman Broadcasting about the final count of participating agencies for thir year'sGiving Tree and to see about getting first payment from them.

President Harris reminded everyone that Kiwanis Hall now has telephone service. The new number is (239)209-1949. The number has been posted on our web site. There are two wireless handsets in the building and it has an answering machine which can be checked remotely. The club agreed that the The monthly service cost of $15 should be paid by the Foundation.

In attendance:
Dilmus Hogan
Ruth Ann Joiner
Jim Thompson
John Woolston
Kathy Woolston
Harris Segel

Please submit any announcements or topics of discussion you would like included on each week's agenda by 3:00 PM the day before the meeting.

Due to Hurricane Ian, the Kiwanis One Day KidsFest has been postponed until January. In its place, we will host a Free Hurricane Ian Cleaning Supplies Distribution at Kiwanis Hall this Saturday (October 22nd) from 10:00 AM until Noon. We will be giving away mops, rakes, bleach, sanitary wipes, toilet paper and paper towels. We expect to help about 100 families. Jim Thompson is going to see if his son can clear out the fallen tree branches in front of the billing. Dilm,us Hogan will also see if his chain saw will do the job.

This is a new Kiwanis year, so we need to schedule and complete as many interclubs as we can. As soon as most clubs resume normal operations we will start working on scheduling as many intyerclubs as we can (our goal is one per month).