Meeting date: 10/06/22  

Inspirational Quotation:
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead

Kiwanis Education: Creation
Kiwanis was created by a professional organizer named Allen Simpson Browne. His original concept was an organization whose members did business with each other. However, the Detroit club had been organized only a few weeks when the members began their first service project. During the next five years, Kiwanians would debate the basic purpose of the organization: mutual business exchange or community service.
Agenda items:

Ther was no regular meeting because Perkins was closed and Kiwanis Hall had no power or water due to Hurricane Ian. So we had a "roundtable meeting" at President Harris's house. Kathy brought the refreshments.

President Harris displayed the four new magnetic signs for use on our vehicles during service projects.

Treasurer Jim is working on the end of year financuial report and will have it ready soon.

Meals On Wheels route this week was covered by President Harris and Jim. They had 14 stops with two meals, 3 extra bottled wateres, an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) and a bag of fruit for each recipient. We need more volunteers for this so please contact Harris if you can do a shift once a month (or more).

President Harris would like a volunteer to Chair the Project Of The Month that he had previously announced for the coming year. He plans to have a caendar to distribute at the installation banquet. If you would like to recommend any organizations or charities to be included on this, please contact him as soon as possible.

President Harris would like members to submit any announcements or topics of discussion they would like included on each week's agenda by 3:00 PM the day before the meeting. He will try to send out reminders each week.

Please try to contact members of our club to see how they fared with the hurricane and if they need anything that we can help with.

In attendance:
Jim Thompson
John Woolston
Harris Segel

On Friday after the meeting,President Harris had a call with the Waterman Broadcasting executives The Giving Tree. A majority of the agencies had their electric restored and were able to meet the deadline for completing the sign-up requirements. Waterman has decided that those who could not will not be included in this years projerct but will be kept on the list for next year. What this means for us is that we will have significantly less gifts to pick up and store (although they will keep the genertics at the same numner (800) in case response should be impacted by the Hurricane's aftermath

Plans for this coming week's meeting are still up in the air. We are checking on Perkins and Kiwanis Hall. We will let everybody know on Wednesday.