Meeting date: 08/11/22  

Inspirational Quotation:
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.."

- Helen Keller

Kiwanis Education
The Elevator Speech
An elevator speech is also known as a "30-second commercial." It is a clear, short message about Kiwanis and your club, only 30 seconds or less. The idea is that, if you find yourself sharing an elevator with a potential employer, you might only have half a minute to connect. Who you are, what you're looking for, and why they might want to join must all be stressed in your elevator speech.

Kids need people to look out for them. Kiwanis helps kids around the world. Local clubs look out for our communities, and the international organization takes on large-scale challenges, such as disease and poverty. We are generous with our time. We are creative with our ideas. We are passionate about making a difference. And we have fun along the way.

Guest Introductions
  • Mary Morris - retired special-ed school teacher who loves working with children.
  • Sylvia Lundin - a self-employed interior designer and Mary's friend and neighbor who really likes the idea of helping with Reading Rocks
Agenda items:

President Harris announced the participation figures for the Florida District Convention.
Out of the 212 Florida clubs, 128 were in attendance .
There were 263 club delegates plus 62 delegates-at-large Officers elected were:
  Sharon Moody - Governor
  Jeremy Riehl- Vice-Governor
  Prairie Riehl - Treasurer

Attendee reports:

President Harris attended workshops on membership growth and social media. Key takeaways he share were:
Membership growth (1) appeal to younger prospects by encouraging satellite members who have no obligation to attend regular club meetings (although they are always welcome), meet only once or twice a month after work for drinks and to plan service projects and perform 2 or more service projects every month.
(2) use the "Roster Analysis Worksheet" to help with recruiting new members.
Social Media - post pictures regularly stressing volunteering.

John reported that the Florida Foundationis in strong financial shape. Also, they still have some $10,000 in mini-grants available so we should see about taking advantage of that.

Jeff reported that as a first-time attendee, he learned a lot about the governance and structure of Kiwanis and that it was a great experience.

Lindsey attended a workshop on fundraising and feels we should start working on doing more of it.

President Harris reported that the second order of books for next year's Reading Rocks are being processed and should be delivered in a week or two.

John announce the the water has been turned on for Edison Kiwanis Hall. He will hang the outside metal sign before he leaves for New York. We hope to begin meeting there the first or second week of September.

Once again, our club will be collecting, storing and re-distributing gifts for The NBC2 Giving Tree. President Harris has contacted them to see about us getting Public Service Announcement spots after Christmas for our club and Kiwanis.


John announced that Kathy has contacted Perkins about holding our Installation Banquet there. They have tentaively reserved September 29th from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. Jim moved that we hold the banquet there and Linsey seconded it. The club approved.

In attendance:
Jeff DiPiscale
Dilmus Hogan
Lindsey LaGasse
Jim Thompson
Harris Segel
JMary Morris (guest)
Sylvia Lundin (guest)
Bob Herrmann (San Carlos Park club)

Meals On Wheels route this week was covered by Harris. Our route currently delivers to 16 people every Wednesday with 14 of them getting two meals (Wednesday and Thursday) and one getting only one for Wednesday and one getting only one for Thursday. Both Jim and Harris are dealing with medical issues that mean they may not always be available to cover the route. Potential member Mary said she would be interested in doing it if she can get a second person to ride along with her. Please let President Harris know if you can do this.

President Harris announced that incoming Lt Governor Denny wants all the division's clubs to get together and do a Kids Day event for Kiwanis One Day. Club members were of the opinion that it is too big a project to do in so little time. We will come up with our own project for Kiwanis One Day.

President Harris reminded club members again that we need to pick a date hor our Holiday party. Lindsey volunteered to organize it. We will select a date once we have the calander for the Giving Tree dates.