Meeting date: 07/14/22  

Inspirational Quotation:
"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

- Warren Buffett

Agenda items:

Dilmus noted that last weeks Ediphone failed to indicate that Jeff was in attendance. President Harris appologized for the error.

President Harris reminded everyone that the Florida Kiwanis District Convention (DCon) will be held August 4th - 7th at the Naples Grande Beach Resort. We have 7 members signed up to attend. Kathy and Harris will be Delegates-At-Large and Ruth Ann, John and Lindsey will be Delegates. Jim noted that he had mistakenly told Jeff that the club was only re-imbursing $25 instead of the full registration amount of $225 approved by the club. He will senf Jeff his full reimbursement.

President Harris reported that he has not heard from First Book about the shipping of the first order of books for next year's Reading Rocks. Jim said he will check to see if the check has cleared.

Our meeting last week was held at Edison Kiwanis Hall. The building has passed all inspections and John will apply for our Occupational License when he gets back from his family reunion. Once that is done we can get the water turned on and the large metal Edison Kiwanis sign for the front of the building installed.

300 backpacks with school supplies were filled after the meeting last week and given to Love & Light Ministries who will distribute them to Homeless schoolchildren at an event at the end of the month.

In attendance:
Dilmus Hogan
Jim Thompson
Harris Segel
Bob (San Carlos Park club)

Meals On Wheels route this week was covered by Harris. Our route currently delivers to 16 people with 14 of them getting two meals (WEdnesday and Thursday) and one getting only one for Wednesday and one getting only one for Thursday. This makes the service a little more complicated and challenging for the driver, so we could really use a seconf volunteer to ride long. If you are interested, please contact Harris.