Meeting date: 03/17/22  

Inspirational Quotation:
"There can be no keener revelation of a society''s soul than the way in which it treats its children."
- Nelson Mandela
Agenda items:

Harris announced that due to Spring Break, this month's Reading Rocks will be on Monday March 28th at 9:00 AM at North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts. Four readers are needed. Harris and Kathy are definites and Jim is a maybe. We still need one more.

John is this year's Florida Kiwanis Foundation Trustee for Division 19. He has to make a presentation to each club in our division and we want to support him by having some of our members attend whenerver he is the speaker. Each of these will then also count as an Interclub for our club. As he is scheduled at other clubs we will be asking one or two of our members to attend. Lehigh is tentatively scheduled for April 27th in the evening

The Science Fair Judging event at North Fort Myers Academy will be April 28th between 2:30 and 4:30 PM. This is right before their Elementary Science Fair Family Viewing Night (5-7 PM). Harris will be sending out a signup sheet.

Kathy announced that the Key Club at North Fort Myers High School will be sending six members to their Florida District Convention.
Also, Kiwanis International shows the clun at Gatewat Charter as being active but she has been unable, so far, to get confirmation from the school or the Key Club Lt Governor. she will keep trying.

Harris announced that his wife, Barbara, would like to do some plantings in the planter in front of our Kiwanis Hall building. Club members approved.

Harris asked members to send him suggestions for speakers for our weekly meetings. Currently we have Jessica Goodall of Eva's Closet & Foundation scheduled to speak on April 7th and John Woolston (as Florida Kiwanis Foundation Trustee as soon as he returns).

The Yard Sale at our Kiwanis Hall building has been re-scheduled for Saturday, March 26th. You can bring items for the sale to our meeting or contact Harris (239-939-4027) to arrange to have

We cover a Meals On Wheels route every Tuesday and Friday. Harris did last Tuesday's run and Linsey announced that Vern did the one on Friday. Vern plans to stop doing the runs and Linset will take over.

Bill and Clara Bowlus announced that this was their last meeting with us for this Kiwanis year. They are returning to Ohio but expect to be back in October.We wish them a safe journey and will be awaiting their return.

In attendance:
Jim Thompson
Kathy Woolston
Dilmus Hogan
Linsey LaGasse
Tom Mere
Tom Marks
Harris Segel
Bill Bowlus (Guest)
Clara Bowlus (Guest)