Meeting date: 02/10/22  

Inspirational Quotation:
"It is not more bigness that should be our goal. We must attempt, rather, to bring people back to the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility, and of individuals working together as a community, to better their lives and their children's future."

- Robert F. Kennedy
Agenda items:

The Februaury Reading Rocks at North Fort Myers Academy For The Arts will be this Monday (February 14th) at 9:00 AM. Harris and John will be there and Bill Bowlus might be able to attend. Jim volunteered to be a backup.

Kathy, John, Linsey, Chuck and Harris will attend the Division Council Meeting on February 19th at E.C.H.O. Farms. This will count as an interclub.

Speaking of interclubs<, our goal is have at least one per month.The DCM in December counts as one with Fort Myers Beach. John, as Florida Foundation Trustee, will be speaking to the Lehigh club as soon as they schedule a date for an evening meeting and we plan to attend for another interclub.

Harris announced that volunteers are needed for Girl Scouts President's Day Celebration 8am - 4:30pm at Camp Caloosa (19931 FL-31, North Fort Myers, FL 33917)
Contact: or call 239-776-0751 to volunteer and/or for more information. Linsey, Tome Meer and Bill Bowlus indicated they might be interested.

John announced that Kathy said that the Key Club will gave a meeting via Zoom at 1:45 PM on February 16th. Contact Kathy if you would like to join tyhe meeting.Also, we received banner patches for supporting the Florida Kiwanis Foundation and for having 100% of our members be sustaing members of the Florida kiwanis Foundation.

Jim announced that the Lake Fairways Homeowners Association made a $25 donation to the clun in memory of Charlie Stiles'. Jim will send them and Carlie's wife an ackowledement./p>

It appears that we will not be able to get apermit to allow a food truck on our club building site for the Edison Pageant of Light Parade

Harris announced that Healthy Start is in desperate need of children clothes up to size 8. In particular BABY clothes. Members who wish to donate either gently used or new clothers should bring them to the next meeting and Harris will take them to the Metro-McGregor club (they work closely with Healthy Start)

Linsey announced that she has received a donation of new sweatsuits and is looking for somewhere to doate them. Harris will get her contact information for the Lee County Homeless Coalition.

John announced that work on the occupational license for our Kiwanis Hall is moving forward. A firte department inspection will be held in about two weeks. Prior to that, John will need to acquire and install a pushbar exit device on our front door. Our goal is to start holding our weekly meetings there by April.

We are still waiting for details for "Read Across America" and Science Fair Judging events at North Fort Myers Academy in March.

Harris asked members to send him suggestions for speakers for our weekly meetings. He is currently working on getting someone from the Brain Endowment Bank (BEB)'s Brain Donor Program.

We cover a Meals On Wheels route every Tuesday and Friday. Harris did last Tuesday's run and Linsey announced that Vern did the one on Friday.