Meeting date: 01/20/22  

In attendance:
Dilmus Hogan
Chuck Carter
Lindsey LaGasse
Tom Marks
Tom Mere
Harris Segel
Jim Thompson
John Woolston (remote)
Sally Mere (Guest)
Bill Bowless (Guest)

Harris is taking 200 books to North Fort Myers Academy of the arts for the January Reading Rocks. Jom Thompson agreed to join him Monday morning to read to the Kindergarten students there.
The 200 books for Tice Elementary have already been delivered and they have the link to the online video of Harris reading the story.

John announced that Charlie Stiles passed away Monday. There will be no service or death announcement in the newspaper. Our club voted to make a $100 donation to a charity in his memory.

There was a discussion about getting our Kiwanis Hall ready so we can begin meeting there. As soon as John gets back we will begin taking preliminary steps (getting the water turned on, removing the old stove, etc.) with the goal of starting to meet there in May.